Fingerprint Product :

Model :: eNBioScan-D Plus


eNBioScan-D Plus is the advanced dual fingerprint scanner. The scanner

delivers fast, accurate and reliable results for identification, verification and

enrollment programs. Compared to a single-finger scan, a eNBioScan-D Plus

image provides enhanced accuracy for identification and verification purposes

while reducing the time necessary to obtain a full enrollment.

Features :

• Dual finger flat & Single finger flat/roll

Acquisition of FBI IAFIS IQS Appendix-F Certificate

Large fingerprint input window

Abrasion hardness(Moh's hardness 7.4)

Auto-on functionality

   - Detect a fingerprint automatically when put on the sensor

Indicator for user

   - The buzzer sounds when the scanned process start or finish to guide for user.

     It shows current status of fingerprint input type such as flat and roll.

Exact user verification and fast speed.

Support WSQ compression

• Support ISO 19794-2 & ANSI 378

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