Fingerprint Product :

Model :: eNBioScan-F


eNBioScan-F is the advanced fingerprint recognition scanner with large fingerprint

input window. The larger 1.2” fingerprint input window may acquire fingerprint information more accurately so the incorrect recognition rate, which often occurs

in the existing systems, may be significantly reduced, and with the unique design

to recognize even damp or watered fingerprint, it secures convenience and reliability,

improving the security function. In addition, by acquiring an international standard,

FBI PIV certification, it may be applicable to national projects. E-password, AFIS

and national ID.

Features :

• Single finger flat/roll

Acquisition of FBI PIV Certificate

Large fingerprint input window

Abrasion hardness(Moh's hardness 7.4)

Auto-on functionality

   - Detect a fingerprint automatically when put on the sensor

Exact user verification and fast speed.

Support WSQ compression

• Support ISO 19794-2 & ANSI 378

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