Touch Screen Product :

Model :: PQ Labs iStick


The new iStick delivers unique 1080p crystal clear user interface and renders

photo-realistic 3D graphics in realtime, the feature that used to be only available

in High-End PC workstations.

iStick A300 supports 32bit True Color. More than 16.66 million colors are delivering

more vivid image and smoother gray scale gradient to your HDTV.

iStick has various built-in and exclusive apps tailored for digital signage. It supports

multi-touch and it’s ready-made, all you need is to get your contents ready.


Specifications :

•  1.6 GHz Quard-Core (6.4 GHz) Combined

•  SSD Hard Drive Up to 512 GB (optional) for Fast & Reliable 5-Year Operations

•  Dual Brand WIFI: 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz

•  USB Camera Supported

•  Bluetooth 4.0 (optional)

•  Built-in Battery with Power Switch to protect your stytem against power outrage (optional)


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