Touch Screen Product :

Model :: PQ Labs Multi-Touch G4S


The latest PQ Labs Multi-Touch G4S not only boasts a finger-width

frame size it also incorporates over three years’ of product improvements

and innovation. With its incredible coin thickness and near-flush surface

design, G4S offers an elegant and accurate touch experience for both

integration or as an overlay to an existing monitor.


Specifications :

•  Support 21.5" - 55" Display or TV, See G4 for more sizes


•  Detects 32+ (unlimited) touch points simultaneously


•  IP66 Waterproof (better than IP65 Waterproof)


•  Multi-Touch over Air (See AirScreen technology to learn more)


•  Support Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu/Fedora


•  Easy to convert your display into a Smart Touch Screen TV / Monitor


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